Monday, July 31, 2006

ksajfdg; im in love, im in love.
go. right now. check out you're sure to fall in love. and be ready to change your abercrombie and hollister ways, my friends. you might just find yourself at the nearest nordstrom over in the t.b.d department flipping through the wonderous clothing and everything you pick up with interest is free people. i've been there. and another thing you may notice on this beautiful basic tank: theres an owl. and they are sure everywhere too. yeah, yeah. layers are getting old (especially since it is summer, yay!) but everything about this outfit appeals to me. i adore the black-on-white-on-black. classic colors with a cute print on the shirt. adorable. and i find the tights under the shorts rather interesting. but fun. i'd wear it. for sure.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

ohh anthropologie; you've got me.
so you want to turn heads, ehh? the pattern of this dress screams out 'hott babe, right here!' these dresses are very forgiving and flirty. the pattern catches your eye, sure; but the cut is simply gorgeous. i havent come across sleeves like this since the last time i watched The Notebook. and the neck line seems so right. and i know, im always obsessing over something new, but can you blame me? for your own good sake, please check out ANTHROPOLOGIE.COM

Sunday, July 23, 2006

My, My, My.
One simple no 'go-wrong' look: the dress. Its flirty, and very fabulous. And the styles this year are very classic and chic. Behold the shirtdress, simple, timeless and 1950's housewife meets modern-day grace and beauty. Its simple enough to throw on and call an outfit to very dressy and sophisticated. This lovely little number found on Anthropologie.Com is a tad pricey at $158, but just the discription makes you want to run out and purchase immediatly. 'Plush wine corduroy is cinched with a smart self-sash.' PLUSH WINE CORDUROY.
mmm. Delicious. Something about the 1950's is so womanly-worthy. Im obsessed.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Pumps, Heels, Wedges, OH MY!
I may be obsessed with fashion, but i have never been too keen on wedges. Ever. I have previously thought of them as, younger-chic. much. But, wedges sure have hit their scene this summer appearing well, EVERYWHERE. From the tables at Nordstroms to Urban Outfitters, wedges are muy popular. And paried with a short summer-y dress, absolutly adorable. So toss your flats and heels (for the most part) and pair up with a pair of wedges. Their hot on the fashion scene, and sure will add a little kick to your outfit. Be sure to check out these cute little numbers from Urban Outfitters.