Wednesday, August 23, 2006

and i find myself california dreaming...

today was eventful. i had my senior pictures and let me tell you how good it feels to get 100 gorgeous photos taken of yourself! anyway, the photographer asked me what i wanted to do when i grow up. when i heard myself say that im actually planning on (hopefully) attending the fashion institue of design and merchandising or FIDM, majoring in fashion design, it kinda became so real. yikes, im nervous to have to go off to college. okay, okay, a little off the topic. but i wanted to look at dresses for inspiration. and the website i stopped at gave me just that. so this first dress on the right is so amazing to be frank. i love the print and the cut. absolutly gorgeous. and the name of this lovely number? 'newsroom jumper' awhh. at $188.00 just keep telling yourself its like buying a pair of sweet jeans!

But in case your looking for something a bit more formal and chic, then this print screams for attention. its cute enough to wear around town during your day of errands (and look TOTALLY FABULOUS IN!) or even on a date. i love blue printed clothing. its so fresh and pretty. and the length is so right. ive sure been seeing a bunch of mid-calf length dresses and they're pretty flattering on tall and short women. but it is kinda out of the high school attendee's budget priced at $348.00 but you can call it an investment. would that make you feel any better?
oh and would anyone like to buy me a dress form?

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

why cant i just get it through my head?
So, after 2 and a half years of being a dedicated hollister customer, i finnaly decided to boycott the store. and with my closet mainly abercrombie this, and hollister that, it was time to go shopping! (i just kinda got to that breaking point where i was tired of wearing what everyone else was wearing, becasue you can buy ANYTHING at those stores and at least 5 people at my school have it!) and what an adventure of branching out into the other stores, but i must say, mainly nordstrom. anyhow, im a BIG fan of chunky stripes. nautica stripes, and basically anything bold like this piece. and guess where its from....? hollister. i'd totally buy it, even though im boycotting the store, but everyone would have it. and im not saying that since everyone would have it i couldnt wear it, but just that around 30+ people would have it and who wants to join that crowd?

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

i bet you just cant keep up with these fashionistas.
and oh so soon again, i post another entry. while strolling around the mall today with a grand friend of mine, i come across a lovely little store that i have never herad of before. Le Sportsac holds great treasure. I dont believe that i have seen so many bags/clutches/accessory bags in my life! and they ALL have these cute, fun little prints. awh. soo strolling to the back, i find a bin with a immense quantity of what Le Sportsac calls their 'Barrel Cosmetic Bag'. And myy-oh-myy, the prints of them are pretty fantastic. My friend picked up one with a cartooned print of Alice and Wonderland on it and it was that moment i just knew i had to get one myself. you know how you walk into a new store and find something mindblowing that you must have, and grabbing for the price tag your really thinking that its going to be expensive (because you know no better) just to find that its actually a great deal and this new amazing store isnt so expensive? well, thats what happened to me, thankfully. It was on sale for $8.00 and i figured that it would make a good pencil and pen holder for school. Your school supplies need to look good too! Ending my little story the good best friend that i am, i bought one for my lovely partner in crime also.

Monday, August 14, 2006

...and somebody spoke and i went into a dream
well, it has been awhile, and getting on the internet today and finding this website just inspired me to write something. anyone here shopped at kenzie before? chances are you might have, but you'd have to be living near seattle, wa or los angeles, ca. but i came across their website and finding this page, and some of the little quotes on it sparked some imagination of mine. its a beautiful site that you should visit just to look around and get some ideas off of for whatever you do. and the little quote im taking to heart, "theres inspiration in everything." is true beyond belief.